How to remove a button: our tips and tricks to remove a button quickly

Once you are happy because your skin touches closely perfection, and the next day, a button appeared, there, in the middle of the forehead. Ironically? Conspiracy? What to do ? The drill? Let her live her life? The camouflage? Too many questions run through your head and remain unanswered. We told you!

How to remove a white button?

You have a highly significant and can not go to show you with this unsightly button? We understand you, but do not yield to the temptation to break it, at the risk of proliferation of bacteria. First, make sure your face is clean. Clean it with a cotton soaked in a micellar lotion enriched with zinc and copper. Then, use a compress of warm water, and place it on your skin. It will open your pores. Apply with a cotton swab, a little essential oil of tea tree (tea tree) on the treatment area, it will clean and dry the button. By repeating this gesture twice a day, the white tip will retreat gradually. 1 for you, 0 for pustule.

Our advice: sometimes excessive hygiene can cause drying which concludes with an excess of sebum produced by your skin. To clean, prefer sweet lotions and do not apply too aggressive products. Finish your routine by spraying with a thermal water spray and blot you have a disposable handkerchief.

How to remove a red button?

We see that it happens gradually, and it starts to be bulky. The red button is problematic. Firstly because it is seen, secondly because it is painful and, best of all, it is our strength. The solution to get rid of all lies in a good cleansing, but beware, clean does not mean mugged. Use a micellar water to remove makeup properly. Then tap your face, ice previously wrapped in a cotton fabric, to calm inflammation. If your button is really red, opt for an antibiotic cream prescribed by a dermatologist. It will quickly disappear while healing your wheal area. The next day, use a moisturizer, it will soothe your skin and nourish. And remember, the key to the problem lies primarily in a balanced diet, but also in a suitable beauty routine.

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How to remove a encysted button?

It points the tip of his nose but remains under the skin hurts and creates an irregular grain ... Yes, it is indeed a microkyste. This palpable closed comedones that ruins our lives. To make it disappear quickly, begin by exfoliating your face with mild skin products. The night before bedtime, apply a cream containing AHA (glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid ...). Its components will ripen the cyst and (do not panic), the show at the same time. Again, please do not tamper the! In the morning, rinse your face with a micellar water (always), and remember to stay hydrated with creams dedicated to your skin type.

If all goes well, you will see results after one month of treatment up. If it does not, consider consulting a dermatologist that he may prescribe a more focused routine. Courage, things come to those who wait.

grandmother Tip: can remove a button with toothpaste?

Bloggers and YouTubers beauty say yes, dermatologists say no. In reality, it depends on your skin type. It is true that the toothpaste dries pimples, but not without risks. Because fluorine and chemicals it contains have irritant properties and can even discolor the skin more sensitive. If you really want to try this technique, prefer organic toothpaste, white and without fluoride, which will act more smoothly.

How to remove a button and hide it with makeup?

You have tried everything but your button is resisting? To help you survive this unfortunate experience, the makeup artist Suzana Nguyen gives you some tips makeup to be applied (after first having asked a base or foundation oil): "To cover up a button, use first place a green concealer if it is red, orange or if it begins to heal, tap and do not spread especially at risk of losing coverage. Blend lightly around the button so that the material is based on your complexion. Then apply a correction of the color of your skin, blend again using a beauty blender. Finish with a loose powder veil to fix the correction. "If you want to make some small alterations, avoid repeat several times a day because the more you earn the layers, the more your skin is asphyxiated.

Our advice: prefer non-comedogenic products, formulated to not clog pores.

Finally, to remove pimples, it is also and above all treat the problem.

How to remove a cold sore

The labial herpes type 1 has the charming feature to appear without warning. To overcome from the first tingling, apply an ice cube (and try to leave the place as long as possible). Then, attach, using a cotton swab, the essential oil of Melaleuca bio, just dry out the cold sore and boost the body's natural defenses. If you are pregnant, or if you can not stand the essential oils, fold about honey, a powerful antiseptic that you can brush your lips several times a day.

If you prefer a pharmaceutical treatment, go for effective patch for 12 hours. They allow you to treat the area while giving you the opportunity to make up the lips. Neither seen nor known !

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