Florence Foresti on the cover of ELLE this week!

Florence Foresti, the favorite comedian of French, is revealed in ELLE on sale Thursday. "In this world that is not right, my engine is still humor in all its forms," ​​says that we who turned 43 the day of the US presidential elections. "When I reported to them, they said they would not change anything. I left to do ... "Florence Foresti says why she decided to use her fame to benefit the reproductive health institute, which helps abused women. But she also talks about her daughter, fame, his relationship to money but also to men and to his chronic anxiety.

Read also this week in IT, Karine Le Marchand, who takes us with her in her busy days, between jogging and duties of his daughter.
Should we speak of cosmetic procedures? Botox and breast forms are now common, but say much less. Discover our wide investigation. But also find the joint interview with Christiane Taubira and Camelia Jordana and our record on feminist YouTubers.

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