Penelope Fillon told in a book: ‘She did not like to see the Ferrari out of school’

How discreet as a woman, that only seemed interested in his children, his horses and his mansion, was she found in the eye of the storm? Answer Sylvie Bommel, author of the recent "Penelope".

If the "Penelopegate" shocked the French political scene, what about its effect on the life of a woman whose dream was to live hidden away in his garden Sarthe between peonies and horses? The wife of François Fillon, all agree exceedingly discreet, has given its name to one of the biggest tsunamis of the Fifth Republic. A paradox that fascinated the journalist Sylvie Bommel, author of "Penelope," just published by JC Lattes.

SHE. As you read, you realize that Penelope Fillon is an extremely romantic character.

SYLVIE BOMMEL. I love that rock lives. This woman, who would want to live hidden, and finds himself projected on the front of the stage, with the scandal that changed the history of our country! Penelope Fillon vow of simplicity - all accounts agree that she never asks any privilege, unlike so many others - and yet she left her husband pay handsomely for a job that, at better, was not addictive. She says she always "followed suit." This is the story of a woman who falls because she never took her life. Because she went into denial of denial, as in Henry James.

SHE. According to you, she would also not the lawyer's degree evoked by François Fillon?

S. B. This is his first renunciation, his first lie. She studied law, but I have found no mention of graduation. When he reported, it does not deny, she closes her eyes. As later it will turn a blind eye when passing payslips attached to his parliamentary work, because it will tell him that everyone does that.

"You know, for a woman who doubts itself, it's flattering to be chosen by one who succeeds all."

SHE. And because she admires?

SB You know, for a woman who doubts itself, it's flattering to be chosen by one who succeeds all, that we listen when he speaks while you dare not a word that leads quickly is leading climber ... especially, when François Fillon is down, it is suddenly much for him. It was she who wanted to come up Trocadero.

SHE. Contrary to what you say to her husband, Penelope Fillon does not love money.

S. B. His arrival in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, in 2007, was fatal. At first she did not like to see Ferrari at the exit of the school where she had registered their youngest. But she made friends, a real fan club. As a woman prime minister, she also enjoyed advantages during cultural events for example, which has a taste like all of us would. Until then, it was François Fillon who loved luxury, who signed his messages "fdebeaucé" ... His house is worth less than the mansion where lives today Nicolas Sarkozy, but need to squire to avenge his father - to counter the psychology - which had less money that the parents of his classmates, is now home. Not at home. But little by little it has changed. The people she rubbed shoulders in this upscale ghetto in the capital have turned. She did not see that it was unusual that his son, his daughter and her win at a time 15,000 euros gross per month three of them for jobs that probably do not deserve such salaries.

Read the full interview with Sylvie Bommel in ELLE N ° 3731 on newsstands June 23, 2017.

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