Audrey Fleurot: Mom filled with her partner Djibril Glissant

Tonight on TF1, Audrey Fleurot starred with José Garcia in the comedy "Fonzie".

Life smiles at Audrey Fleurot. Mother of a little boy named Lou, in 2015 with her partner, actor and director Djibril Glissant, Audrey Fleurot connects turnings. Tonight on TF1 featured in the comedy "Fonzy" actress radiates as much on the small screen in cinemas. Recently in the hit series of France 2 "Ten percent," Audrey Fleurot has just finished the seventh and last season of "A French village" broadcast on France 3.

Star and Mom

Yet if it is not always easy to reconcile mom and professional life, Audrey Fleurot combines both brilliantly. " I work a lot. My little grows well. He entered the nursery, snot on me, brings me all the microbes that I would avoid, but other than that, all is well! "Revealed the star to" TV mag, "there are a few short months.

In an interview with "TV Star" last year, Audrey Fleurot had also said she is assisted daily by his family. "It is difficult because I do (his son, Lou, Editor's note.) See much. And I do not imagine take it with me on set because he would start crying and it emmerderait everyone. But I have set up a relay grandmother really great. Now I would like my son to tell mom the day I'll be there. " In autumn, Audrey Fleurot returns to theaters in a new TV movie, "Peril based" in which the actress plays a chief warrant officer of the coastguard.

"Fonzy" to discover 21 hour TF1 Sunday, July 30.

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