Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner s†™ is fiancГ © e Г a cГ © lГЁbre singer

There are l†™ Love ™ l†air Г Westeros! A few days Г aprГЁs hardly have learned fianГ§ailles Kit Harington †"aka Jon Snow вЂ" Г Rose Leslie, who plays Ygritte, it was revealed last night qu†™ another actress В «В Game of Thrones" would Soon and marry. Sophie Turner, l†™ interprГЁte Sansa Stark s†™ is fiancГ © e. And the future mariГ © n†™ is unknown, on the contrary. It s†™ is Joe Jonas, one of three frГЁres Jonas, a cГ lГ © © © britГ made in Disney, which, since it s†qu†™ ™ is Г © © mancipГ, Г is the tГЄte pop group D.N.C.E. C†™ on Instagram is that the lovers have their informГ © million followers of l†™ happy news. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas © postГ the mГЄme clichГ ©, hands entrelacГ © es, that of l†™ actress, a beautiful ring set fianГ§ailles d†™ diamond. In lГ © legend, she Г © wrote: В "J†™ I said yes В" and Г © wrote: В «В She said yes." In the night, the photo rГ © © coltГ, Г the two, more than two million likes.

For a year that Sophie Turner, 21, and Joe Jonas, 28, are a couple. The premiГЁre time the public has covered dГ © together, c†™ Г © Г Rotterdam was, at the © cГ rГ © ceremony MTV EMA oГ№ the s†™ Г © singer was made with his band. Sophie Turner was then Г © © prГ feel in the stands, and they Г © tГ © photographiГ © s, holding hands and being s†™ kiss during rГ © pГ © titions. Since the couple is no longer hidden. © malgrГ and the distance †"D.N.C.E enchaГ®ne the reprГ © presentations around the world, and Sophie Turner turns В" Game of Thrones В »Г Dublin, nothing can sГ © parry.

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