Nymphomania: everything about nymphomania

Nymphomania, this pathology related to sexual addiction, is talking about her. And because some cases were scandal, among which there are many sexual harassment of Dominique Strauss-Khan, or the decadent hidden life of Tiger Woods. Director Steve McQueen was also inspired by pathology to shoot the film "Shame," revealing the violence of everyday life of a stalker. Blamed the sex addicts suffer effect of this disease which are wrongly associated with sexual deviance. Focus on nymphomania, a disorder that is difficult to understand.

Being naughty, what is it?

Nymphomania is a disorder of unusual desire, characterized by an essential need to have sex. Never satisfied, constantly looking nymphomaniac feelings of pleasure vis-à-vis which it is entirely dependent. This pathology is associated with compulsive obsessive disorders or bipolar.

What causes nymphomania?

If doctors have not yet determined the exact causes of nymphomania, they nevertheless offer a number of assumptions. The disease would develop in individuals with bipolar tendency undergoing profound periods of depression interspersed with manic phases. The emotionally unstable people, who have more developed sense of rejection towards the opposite sex, would be predisposed to the disease.

The side effects of certain medications, such as corticosteroids or L-Dopa could also trigger disorders of desire. Another hypothesis, poor function of certain brain areas or a neurotransmitter dysfunction could be the cause of nymphomania.

The profiles of nymphomaniacs

According to the psychologist Valérie Chaput, "those affected by sexual addiction are often women. They constantly establish a game of seduction, which reflects a lack of self-esteem on which work therapists. "

There is first a first nymphomaniac profile that seeks pleasure through numerous reports, without finding it, as Laura (45 years). "I was looking increasingly attractive men, because I thought that a strong attraction facilitate enjoyment. Yet my relationships are still very mechanical, and I'm never satisfied. This lack of pleasure might be because I have never sentimentally attached to my partners. I am incapable. "

We note another nymphomaniac profile as Manon (36 years), who reached orgasm easily and does everything to get the most possible sex. "I do man's physical layer that I take as my foot is a vital need. I'm addicted to a drug like this feeling of weightlessness generated by orgasm. "

In both cases, nymphomaniacs suffer much from this disease they shame. Feel guilty, people with sexual disorders may prefer to isolate themselves, negating their social life. "I left my husband because I myself wanted to impose a sexual rhythm he could not follow," says Laura. Indeed, nymphomaniacs suffer the gaze of others. "When I told my best friend, his eyes on me has changed. She thinks I am vicious and depraved, while I'm just a victim of the disease, "says Manon. Valérie Chaput says that nymphomaniacs "already suffer psychologically unstable because they most often choose to face the disease alone, although they have more than any need to be listened to."

How to treat?

Psychotherapy is the most common way of treating nymphomania. Drug treatments are prescribed only when depression or association with a psychiatric illness.

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