First time: 12 tips to make love first

When it's first sex, there are many questions that arise. To see more clearly, Odile Bagot, gynecologist, gives 12 tips to make love the first time.

Make love when you're ready

For Odile Bagot, one of the important tips is to make love for the first time when we want, freely and without physical or psychological constraints. Do not force yourself and feel good with the person that we have chosen, in its view, essential.

Prefer the comfort of the place

The perfect place to make love the first time can vary between people. Nevertheless, the gynecologist advocated a place where one feels safe and protected. This condition can affect the quality of the memory that we will keep it that first time. Wherever possible, we must find a less stressful place as possible.

Choose a simple sexual position

This may depend on the experience of the partner. But be aware just start with the missionary position. This is a position in which the woman has some control of the situation.

Do not overestimate

Odile Bagot advises not to give in to the call of the performance. That is to say, not wanting to do too much or take risks. Men can sometimes be in the performance, but we must remember that the first time is a learning process. Therefore, one should not expect too much or do too much.

Do not expect orgasm right the first time

Concomitant vaginal orgasm with a partner is very rare. At the beginning of sexual life, clitoral pleasure remains the most accessible and faster. The gynecologist says that you should not be disappointed if orgasm is not achieved the first time: "There are many other opportunities later."

Encouraging preliminary

This part of the act of love is essential. It is important not to miss according to gynecologist. A minimum of preliminary so that there is sufficient lubrication. But everything depends on what is called "preliminary". This may very well happen in the head and create a satisfactory lubrication.

Communicating with others and with oneself

Talking with your partner is obviously important. Although Odile Bagot admits, it is not necessarily easy. It takes some thought and answer this question: "How I wish it unfolds? "All that the girl will tell her partner she must there be some thought before. It is a way to protect themselves psychologically. The more we talk, the better. Would only to avoid the effects of surprise.

To say that one is a virgin?

The young woman is obviously not obliged to say but it is advisable to share this information with her partner. For that the partner is not expected to have some experience. Depending on the situation if the two are blank, they will discover the act gradually. If one of them has experience, he will teach him.

What contraception?

The condom is required for sexual intercourse. Ideally, it is desirable to be already on the pill. If this is not the case, the gynecologist advised to have at hand a morning after pill in case of condom accident.

Be shaved?

The key is that the young woman feel beautiful and desirable. It takes a hair removal that is acceptable to the girl. Promote an aesthetic hair removal that enables to feel good.

Go until the end ?

Do not force. If the woman wants to go to the end, she does. Otherwise, you have to set limits, to keep control of what happens. We should not blame himself for not finishing the act.

Know Your Body

To be consistent with oneself, the gynecologist advised to perfectly know his body before a first report. Do not be afraid to touch, masturbation is a natural act. Put a pad also allows to become familiar with its anatomy.

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