DIY – Recipe of slime where to find borax in France?

You have succumbed to the madness of the slime? You must now dig the damn borax without which you are not much. We too have been sought, and was finally dug up the best borax.

Making slime, it sounds so easy. The youtubeurs experts say: just mix the liquid adhesive, preferably of the brand Cleopatra (buy at Amazon wholesale can seem the best option if you do not want to do all Cultura of the city, or break nose with Monoprix microwave pots that give little satisfaction), water and borax ....

But what about this borax? Is it a powder? The finds are we in hardware? Borax, or sodium borate, is particularly in products for contact lenses. It is therefore easily dégotable pharmacy dedicated to the radius. To have tested a lot, know it, the best of all for preparations of slime is borax Biogaran in small individual doses (Borax / boric acid on a white box with a red border). A few drops to make a very significant and non-sticky material. It also will cost two euros and for a few piles of slime.

For a so-called "fluffy" (remember this word, it is part of the basis of informed slimeur), add to your preparation for the shaving foam. If using gel, be sure to pay the first in a container and then to the foam with a spoon before adding the glue and to make finally a few drops of borax.

Enhance your recipe finally glitter, food coloring or polystyrene beads, short, unleash your creativity and knead, knead the dough to Zen.

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