Blake Lively calls for every day a cult hair last year

In full promotion for his film "All I see in you," Marc Forster, Blake Lively makes the most appearances lookées as each other. And for each of her outfits - up to six per day - Blake also changing hairstyle. Our last stroke of heart? Its half-tail crimped on her long blond hair. A boldness that we welcome as far from little girl, this hairstyle that cartonnait last year has the merit of clearing the face while providing a cool side but sophisticated at the meeting. Congratulations Blake.

A publication shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) October 16, 2017 at 6:57 PDT

These stars who swear by the baby grand

Blake is not the only follower of the baby grand. Other stars love this elegant and relaxed hairstyle. This is the case of Jessica Alba who first, the sports for years. It is followed closely by influenceuse and busniess woman Chiara Ferragni. Some of the door just with a resilient end, the other door half tail with a tape or a nice array. What upgrade its look at will!

  • Is it a hairstyle you going to try?

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