ridged nails: nail treatments striated vertically or in length.

It is not uncommon to have streaks on the nails. But whether because of age or a poorly executed manicure, it's always good to know the cause to find the right solutions.

Nail striated vertically: the transverse grooves

If the surface of your nails is increasingly irregular over the years, it's normal. We often speak of "wrinkles nail" to describe these lines that come with age. But they can also indicate poor health or hormonal imbalance.

Nail striated in length: the longitudinal grooves

Horizontal stripes are often stress symbols, emotional shock or trauma of the nail matrix.

striated and brittle nails: what to do?

We must stop abusing her nails with resin, semi-permanent polish or worse, false nails. Also avoid too much sand and file your nails. Moreover, regarding the filing, it is recommended to do so always in the same direction to avoid splitting the nail. As advocated by our professional manicure Mataja Virginia, select a fine grain file to avoid separating the layers of the nail plate.

striated and supply nails: that eating?

The power supply has a direct influence on the state of our nails. For proof, striated nails can mean that you have a lack of vitamin B (calf liver, whole grains, green leafy vegetables like spinach or broccoli) or zinc deficiency (seafood, beef, lentils ).

Treatments: us ridged nails

If you do not have too thin nails, use a buffing block to lightly smooth the nail surface. Tip: Moisturize your nails and cuticles with a cuticle oil or moisturizer to your hands. Do not forget to massage it into the skin.

Can we put the varnish when we ridged nails?

In general, avoid chemicals on nails if they are damaged. Let them breathe weeks. However, if you have ridged nails, know that you can use a special base as a lacquer hardener to strengthen the nail. Virginia Mataja advises bases composed of silicon which smooth the nail surface and protect it.

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