Brigitte Macron: a dress that is controversial worldwide

Since Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte are in New York, where the French president gave his first speech to the General Assembly of the UN. After visiting the Memorial of September 11, the First Lady was of course in the assembly to attend the debut of her husband on the international scene. And as often Brigitte Macron had opted for a Louis Vuitton dress, her favorite brand. This is a white dress with black lace at the chest, which falls above the knee. A creation that has spilled much ink, with sometimes harsh comments towards her. Some international media have deemed "too short" and therefore "provocative." Others take the same age of Brigitte Macron, as the site "OK! "Romanian who speaks a controversial First Lady" because of its improper dress style, [...] who dares to show her legs. "

But many have defended Brigitte Macron, like "The Independent" who thanked for having "led the French elegance in New York." "The Observer" said the First French lady has a style increasingly sharp. In July, she had also said that each trip, we spoke of her outfits.
Wednesday Brigitte Macron was with her husband to meet Malala, the Nobel Peace Prize 2014. This time, she was wearing a miniskirt, proving that mocks those who think that it is not appropriate outfits at his age and rank. A free woman who proves in his dressing room each!

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