Green clay mask the benefits and receipts mask green clay

The mask with green clay is an essential beauty care. And because it has many benefits, both for the skin to the hair. What are they ? How to make your own mask at home? ... The answers Emilie Jolibois, Expert Search cosmetic ingredients at AROMA ZONE.

Green clay is what?

Green clay is a volcanic rock, naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, making it an ally beauty of choice. There are different kinds, such as green clay illite or green clay montmorillonite, which are the most used in cosmetics.

What differences with white clay?
Green clay contains more minerals than white clay, which makes it more absorbent and adsorbent, that is to say capable of retaining the toxins and impurities. Because it is less aggressive, white clay is rather recommended for sensitive skin.

The mask green clay, to the rescue of oily

Purifying, remineralizing, refreshing, detoxifying ... Countless properties of the mask with green clay. It cleans and rids the skin of impurities naturally, making it an exceptional treatment for combination skin, oily and acne prone.

The benefits of a face mask with green clay, in brief:
> Regulates sebum secretion
> Fight against acne
> Eliminates blackheads
> Matifies skin
> Tightens pores
> Dries buttons
> Helps heal

How to apply? "Contrary to what one might think, so do not leave on his mask too long at the risk of irritating the skin. Do not let it dry. The ideal is to be applied in thick layers, so that the dough remains moist. And as soon as it begins to harden, rinsed. A good idea is to add honey, this allows the mask stay moist longer, "informs our expert. Moreover, it ensures always apply a moisturizer immediately after to reform the fat from the skin.

The mask with green clay, what benefits for the hair?

For the same reasons it cleanses the face mask with green clay purifies and rebalances the scalp. Perfect for hair that quickly regraissent so.

The benefits of a hair mask with green clay, in brief:
> Fight against dandruff
> Purifies the scalp
> Regulates sebum secretion

How to apply? It applies both to dry hair on wet hair. Before tackling lengths, we insist on the scalp and body, to fully absorb sebum and regulate its production depth. The mask green clay shampoo making office, we complete the ritual with a conditioner and / or a mask.

How to make a mask with green clay house?

Nothing's easier ! Simply mix powdered green clay (available here) with warm water and mix until dough good elastic texture. "To multiply the effect of the mask, one can add the plants. The powder Amla, for example, is a powerful regenerating, known to brighten skin tone and purify the skin. The nettle powder, meanwhile, is ideal to fortify the hair. Note: better to avoid essential oils in a mask with green clay for the face. They can cause irritation, "added Emilie Jolibois.

How often apply? Once a week, either face or hair.

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