5 things to know about Louane Emera: The Voice of the Caesar

She won the Cesar for best actress in February 2015. Louane Emera, 18, is the young actress whom everyone talks since the release of "The Family Aries". Discover five things to know about the revelation of French cinema.

She made "The Voice" and "The School of fans"

Before participating in the show "The Voice", Louane increased by "L'Ecole des Fans" in 2009. During her visit, she sings "The Windmills of my heart," Michel Legrand. A song that particularly fond of since childhood, and it has interpreted in qualifying blind from "The Voice". It was during this talent show that France finds the girl. It is part of the team of Louis Bertignac and arrives in the semifinal with "Someone told me," Carla Bruni

She dedicates her success to her parents

In the space of two years, Louane lost his parents. His father, sick, died in 2013 just before his visit to "The Voice". During the broadcast, the girl paid tribute with "Imagine" by John Lennon, "I want to dedicate this song to my dad who died there are two and a half months, it was his favorite song. He asked me to sing at her funeral, and that's what I did. "A year later, his mother as she died following a long illness. It was she who had enrolled in "The Voice". For Louane, her success, she owes it to her parents who have always supported.


She did not follow acting classes

Louane never went through drama school. It's on the set of "The Family Aries" she learned everything through a coach and guidance of Karin Viard, François Damiens and director. The hardest scene to shoot as Louane? When she has to mime to her parents the news being perfectly in sync with the sound of the presenter.

language of the deaf

She released an album a hit

"Room 12" released in March, was a success. Eleven tracks including "Future" (featured on his EP released in late 2014), "I steal" (soundtrack of "The Family Aries"), and "Mom" in tribute to his mother. For this first album, the singer-actress has worked with Patxi Garat, candidate of the "Star Academy" Season 3. It was he who wrote "Day 1" real tube that wowed the audience. Her album has sold over 370 000 copies (July 2015) and remained # 1 at iTunes ranking for six consecutive weeks. In November 2015, she will begin her first tour.

"Young," his latest video:


She has trouble themselves as actress

Since its 8 years Louane is passionate about music and dreams of becoming a singer. "I sing every day for ten years," said the girl on the set of "It is not lying" in December. She was very far from imagining become famous through comedy. "It feels weird to say that I am an actress," continued Laurent Ruquier Louane before. Maybe his first Caesar, Best Actress, reassured her since?


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