Cristiana Réali couple with Francis Huster: “Never should have separate”

They formed a mythical couple for nearly twenty years. When you think of the name of Francis Huster, we always think that of Cristiana Réali, and vice versa. However, after seventeen years of love, the two actors separated. That was in 2008. But at the time of the "conscious uncoupling" the happy divorce where not love does not mean it should no longer form a family, Cristiana Réali and Francis Huster are still close to their two daughters, Elisa, 19, and Tuscany, 14. In 2014, Cristiana Réali, who this evening showing of "Go into the unknown", had also confided in the columns of "Parisian" "Francis often comes lunch or dinner. Girls really like our reports. They have friends who say, "It's weird that they get along as well as they are separated ..." But they, they find it normal! "

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" It's my fault "

If this divorce is going in the right agreement, Francis Huster had given at the same time, the microphone of Laurent Delahousse during the JT of France 2, that this break gave her some regrets. "I missed sacrifices of love. We never should have split with Cristiana. It's my fault. Totally. It's because I'm crazy. I'm unbearable. I had women in my life who always screwed me out. Maybe that's why I want my girls to succeed in life. Perhaps the most beautiful is the love precisely. "

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