TBC: all about the Top Body Challenge and the tbc 2

At the launch of his tour "bootcamps" throughout France from June 5 to July 10, 2016, back on the sports program that has taken TLEV Sonia: Top Body Challenge. The CPC has already won thousands of women in France and elsewhere. It explains why.

TBC: What is the Best Body Challenge

The Best Body Challenge was created by Sonia TLEV, a passionate sport that became known on Instagram, with the collaboration of Lucile Woodward, State qualified coach. The idea is simple but terribly attractive: get the body of your dreams in 12 weeks with three courses of 30 minutes per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). For this, Sonia has thought of everything. Illustrations help you fully realize all the movements to maximize the effects of exercise without hurting you. Also, a multitude of explanations are there to guide you. This is a real support that offers the young woman in his sport program.

TBC: sport for everyone

The only equipment you will need: a sport mat, a jump rope and two dumbbells. You can choose to follow these three courses of strength training to tone your body if you do not want to refine you. However, if you want to burn a maximum of calories, nothing better than cardio. Besides the three sessions muscu every week, do two sessions of at least 45 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday so that the results are seen quickly. Also remember to vary the exercises. If you alternate between running, swimming and dancing for example, you evolve much faster than a single activity. And the weekend ? Rest!

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TBC: the beginning of the program is free!

In summary, here is an example of a typical week if you want to refine you and your muscles:

Monday: abs and thighs (30 min)

Tuesday: jump rope (at least 45 minutes)

Wednesday: arm and buttocks (30 min)

Thursday: bike (at least 45 minutes)

Friday: total body (30 min)

Free TBC


TBC: the feeding program Top Body Menus

What makes the success of the TBC is probably the fact that it is so complete. For proof, Sonia has even provided a nutrition program to optimize the results of the Best Body Challenge: Top Body menus. During the three months, you can learn more about the importance of a balanced diet to achieve your goals faster. Sonia explains you simple menus to lose weight with the help of nutrition expert Steven Tordjeman. For example, avoid combining meat and starchy foods for a flat belly.

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TBC before / after: photos of the results contributed to the success of the Best Body Challenge

The TBC is undoubtedly a 2.0 sports program. As a PDF file, you can take it anywhere with you through your smartphone, tablet or computer. On Twitter, word of mouth was done quickly. The prospect of having a slender body like Sonia has attracted many women. All those who have decided to take the challenge posted pictures before / after quite impressive. It was enough for the program to make the buzz thanks to the results posted on social networks (Twitter, Instagram). In three months, the girls who followed the Top Body Challenge metamorphosed.

TBC 2 for further

Following the success of TBC 1, Sonia TLEV decided to release a second program following the Best Body Challenge. For more experienced that followed without difficulty the first three months of sport. The Best Body Challenge 2 contains exercises for weeks 13 to 24 sports people.

Where to Find the Best Body Challenge PDF:

On, TBC, the TBC and the Top 2 Body Menus are available for download for 39 € each.

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