Torque: ten “sex” applications to test

And if your smartphone was giving a boost to your libido! Today, there are applications for everything - to find love, avoid the bad boys or show you the nearest condom machine - and even to spice up your sex life! Yes Yes. Here is a short overview of ten applications that could entertain you for an evening with your man!

To measure your performance

The app: SexTrack iPhone

The principle : take your laptop under the covers with you thanks to the motion sensor in your phone, this app measures your performance: duration, frequency, speed, intensity of your reports and even the number of calories burned. When you complete your follies, pretty graphics on the screen and allow you to compare the data recorded day after day ... or act after act!

Most : Coaching a tab gives you tips to improve the quality of your sex. And if you are proud of your results or those of your partner, you can even share them with your friends by email, Facebook or Twitter. One wonders who will dare to do it ...

The least: For the recorded values ​​are accurate, your mobile must be placed as close to you. If you go to the room to the kitchen, so you will have to ship it. Not always easy when you're in the heat of the action!

To teach him to make love like a god

The app: 177 ways to take a woman to seventh heaven for iPhone

The principle : from the book of Margot Saint-Loup, this fun application contains a brief advice mine and rogues on the female. Aimed primarily at men, it is in the form of fact sheets divided into different sections: "Let's play a little", "Massage", "Fondling, chew ...", "The lick" ... At your man to go pick the one of them and make you suffer for your viewing pleasure, the sweet described abuse.

Most : you can share them rascals advice by email, Facebook or Twitter. Convenient to submit your cherished a desire that stuck in your head.

The least: some tips are sometimes simplistic and unimaginative. The pros of sex will be able to go their way.

To care overnight

The app: Snake Love for iPhone

The principle : Snake Love is a variant of the board game, sexy version to share two ... The goal? Getting to the box 69 as quickly as possible. But to get there, you have to roll the dice (virtual) and perform actions ordered as "cuddle and chew the buttocks" of your partner or "use your tongue to blush" your beloved.

Most : the challenges are becoming hotter as we move through the game.

The least: the very simplistic graphics and inability to edit actions oneself as proposed by some games.

To put the challenge

The app: Action Hot Truth iPhone

The principle : the famous Truth or Dare game returns adult sexy release. Each turn, you must either answer a question or perform an action. If you refuse, you will not mark out point and a token will be assigned. Therefore, everything becomes more exciting!

Most : more than 600 issues, actions and pledges are offered. In addition, you can create your own statements to customize the game and make it even hotter. Sensitive souls, rest assured, there are three levels of play: naughty, sexy and hot. Another plus: the application can be locked with a PIN to prevent young people curious not venture there.

The least: we regret that the issues are not more daring times.

To play in the nude

The app: Naughty dice for iPhone and Android

The principle : three dice and hundreds of actions to achieve! For this, you just shake your phone or touch the dice "action", "body" and "duration" to see appear a naughty task to achieve.

Most : the ability to select specific actions for him and for you. Two levels of play: hot or soft. The "action" dice contains the Kamasutra positions to make change for traditional "tickle", "kiss" or "touch" ...

The least: the stopwatch to count down the time is absent on the free version. Too bad there's no "greedy" shares with whipped cream, for example ...

To vary the positions

The app: 69 Positions for iPhone

The principle : there is not the missionary or doggy in life! If you are out of ideas, this app is here to give you. Each position is presented in the form of fact sheets with comments and pictures to support!

Most : oral sex, acrobatic sex, threesomes, there's something for everyone. Did you know that there is a position called the "Eiffel Tower"?

The least: the free version has only 26 positions. To have more, we must move to the paid version. The explanations are in English, but is easy to understand how to go about it through diagrams.

To launch challenges to your hot man

The app: CoupleQuest for Android

The principle : you setup a business ideas to spice up your love life? CoupleQuest is for you! With this application, you can launch the challenges you have imagined your sweetheart. If it performs properly, it will accumulate points he can spend as he wishes. Beware, the game can become very hot ...

Most : Assignments ideas are proposed by the application. But the interest is in creating challenges from your imagination.

The least: the inability to create accounts in which both partners could communicate. The shares are shared with other users in order to enrich the database and ideas.

To map the places where you made love

The app: I just made love for iPhone and Android

The principle : make love away from home! Go in search of unusual places and map on the internet places you've explored. With this application, you can also keep in mind the circumstances (location and sexual position) of your last parts of legs in the air.

Most : two tabs box, add a comment if you like, and voila. It's super simple to use. You may or may not keep a history of your antics. You can specify your gender and sexual orientation.

The least: the offer is limited to 6 sexual positions, a fair bit.

To review your knowledge before taking action

The app: holiday book erotic adult for iPhone

The principle : do not wait for the holidays to revise your knowledge! This application will spend lively evenings. Six materials to review are proposed: French, science, history, geography, languages, art and culture. All this version obviously hot. Did you know, for example, the female kangaroo had two vaginas?

Most : a "Review" mode to check your knowledge! The score you have obtained will be compared with results from other users.

The least: the "Mini-games" mode including mental arithmetic and the hangman game is irrelevant. Regarding the main game, there are sometimes no choice answers. Therefore, we know the answer or you pass turn ...

Learn all about the sex of your partner

The app: Sex for Dummies iPhone

The principle : here is the electronic version of the book of the same name! Inside, a wealth of information on everything related to the male as female. Preliminary advice to give pep to your married life, all there! Chapter 22 entitled "Ten things men want women to understand" is to study carefully (one chapter is also for men!).

Most : this app is an encyclopedia. An index allows users to find information by keywords. A search engine is also integrated.

The least: Price, € 3.99, is considered too expensive for some even if it contains the full paper ... excluding illustrations, making the often monotonous reading.

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