Constance Jablonski on the cover of ELLE this week

Unmatched speed, azure eyes and a breathtaking beauty, Constance Jablonski - or French top most bankable - poses on the cover of this week's issue and on all the cliches of the serial mode. Alternating glamor poses and attitudes badass fur coat, Prince of Wales jacket and thick boots, it gives us an urge to know the first real frost of the season.

That's not all

Because the return is not synonymous only with new wardrobe (if?) The number of this week gives us, in addition to its beautiful serial mode, the top 7 instagirls to follow (food, travel, photo, decor) . Side entrepreneurship, zoom on Africa - new America - which welcomes more and more French came up their box and has become a booming continent. Side beauty we are talking herbal and all plants capable of having real powers on our skin (pimples, wrinkles ...). Good reading !

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