Karine Ferri couple with Yoann Gourcuff: ‘When we fall in love, the context is irrelevant’

Touching, Karine Ferri trusts the men in her life.

Karine Ferri, a protective mom. With the approach of autumn, the famous program "The Voice Kids" is back, presented by the duo Karine Ferri and Nikos Aliagas. In a recent interview with the magazine "Gala", the host of 35 years has revealed about his companion and their son, Mael. In a relationship with footballer Yoann Gourcuff since 2011, young parents have civil unions there is little. An important step for lovebirds.

In the columns of the magazine, Karine Ferri returned to the one who shares his life with very touching words: "When you meet someone, when we fall in love, the context does not matter. These are just two souls who find themselves, discover and recognize. " If the host is usually very discreet about his family, it is primarily because it wants to preserve its intimacy despite a career in the spotlight: "What touches my family is private, I ' I want to keep it for me is precious. "

Mael is what I hold dearest in the world

Mother of a little boy 1 year, Karine Ferri book about his son. "As any mom I believe in childbearing, I have become more vulnerable," says the host with touching authenticity: "I can not sleep as before, we can not help but be afraid that something past. Mael is what I hold dearest in the world, is the apple of my eye. " Proud Mom, Karine Ferri added: "Mael means " little Prince " in Breton, it is for us. "

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