Case Weinstein: Isabelle Adjani denounces the excesses in French cinema

The actress took the floor to denounce the behavior of some producers ...

Isabelle Adjani accused. Even Hollywood is plunged into turmoil since the scandal Harvey Weinstein came to light, the actress Isabelle Adjani took the floor in the columns of the "Journal du Dimanche" denouncing the pervasive sexual harassment in film French. As usual, the star does not spare many people and clearly explained that sexual harassment is a scourge as far as France and the United States.

All these whores actresses

"In France, it is otherwise sneaky. In France, there are three G: gallantry, ribaldry, boorishness. Slide from one to another until the violence by claiming the dating game is one of the weapons arsenal of defense predators and stalkers, "says Isabelle Adjani before continuing" In the production houses or among policymakers, I often heard: " All sluts, all whores anyway, these actresses! " But this is not a game and it is time to remember that in libertinism there is freedom and that when a woman says no, she said no, that his body belongs to it and it alone is free to dispose . When an actress is appealing to get a role, it is not to be raped! "Finally the star says that even today" For most people, if an actress has to sleep to get there, it's still natural, or normal, according to the idea that he must give oneself a little when we want to get a lot. " Chilling remarks that show the seriousness of the current situation.

There is a little over a week, two journalists from the "New York Times" revealed to light that one of the biggest producers in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company, harassed and assaulted with impunity for decades , many actresses and assistants with whom he collaborated. Since the publication of the article, more and more actresses took the floor to tell the assaults they suffered. This weekend, the reporter Sandra Muller launched a movement "#BalanceTonPorc" on Twitter to get people to testify in turn.

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