Jim Carrey: discover what Oscar winner hates

Remember, in 1995, came out the movie "Batman Forever" by Joel Schumacher. Maligned by critics and fans, the director had been forced to apologize for "killing Batman." At the time, Jim Carrey interprets the Riddler, one of Batman's enemies that associates with Two-Face, played by Tommy Lee Jones, hoping to bring down the hero.

But obviously, there are not only viewers that the movie left a bad memory. Guests in the podcast "Norm MacDonald Live" Jim Carrey is back on the set of the film somewhat difficult, and for good reason: his co-star Tommy Lee Jones so ... visceral hated! He remembers well that shortly before shooting a big scene together, he crossed by chance in a restaurant: "The server told me "Oh, I've heard that you are working with Tommy Lee Jones. It's just there having dinner." I went to see him and told him: "Hey Tommy, how are you?"And he became livid. He began to shake, he was dreaming of killing me or anything like that. Then he took me in his arms and said: "I hate you. I really do not like you". I answered him : "What's your problem ?" and I grabbed a chair, which was not very clever. And he told me: "I can not stand your buffoonery.""

Batman Forever

Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey in the film "Batman Forever" in 1995 / Warner Bros. la France

For the actor from "The Mask", this hatred has a very simple explanation: "I was the star, and that was the problem," he confided before nuance: "It was probably not comfortable with this kind of roles too. It was not his thing. "Still, Jim Carrey said that the altercation had nothing marred the image he has of Tommy Lee Jones," It's a phenomenal actor. I still love him, "he concluded.

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