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the greyhound
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the greyhound

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In thГ © orie

You ГЄtes Г fours on the bed, and your lover, Г knees derriГЁre you, reminds you prГ © his presence.

In practice

The greyhound is the sex that the little black dress is Г the wardrobe. Classic, efficient, indispensable indГ © modable, great, oops sorry, we s†™ ignites. (Plus it is less chГЁre.) If you ГЄtes exclusively clitoral, you must request a hand (or finger, two more than enough in gГ © nГ © ral) Г your dear husband to lead you to septiГЁme sky. But septiГЁme sky or not, this position offers sensations dГ © licieuses, dГ © cuplГ © es by l†™ excitement live your partner. Finally that l†™ drives. Finally you see what.

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