Céline Dion: but he happens to him?

At 49, she is transformed. A year and a half after the death of René Angélil, Céline Dion appears the arm of the young dancer Pepe Munoz, wearing trendy clothes and sexy, performs on stage choreography ultrahot, to shock some fans. But what will happen to him? answers with the analyst Samuel Lepastier.

She saw a renaissance

Despite his insane success, the existence of the singer was not easy. Since the first cancer Rene, declared in 1999, it has continued to live with the disease, supporting this beloved husband until his last moments (in January 2016). Logic now she knows a moment of liberation. "It's normal and healthy to regain the joy of living after the death of a relative, notes Samuel Lepastier. It simply means we do mourn, a period that usually takes a year. This grief is sometimes more quickly it started before the death, in the case of people suffering from long illnesses. "And Celine had no adolescence: at the age of 13, she was spotted by René and embarked on a Stakhanovite career. Is it not natural that she tries to catch the youth it never really lived?



She fights an agonizing loneliness

Evil tongues say that a crisis of fifty stinker behaving like a wild cougar. It must be said that isolation must weigh him. For over thirty years, she relied on René, her husband, her mentor. And now the void ... "One of the most striking features of mourning is to feel abandoned, says the analyst. And, often, the love that was worn disappeared is transferred to others. "We understand better that it turns eagerly to her twins Eddy and Nelson (almost 7 years), with whom she sleeps in his huge bed (the shrinks will perhaps disagree ...) towards Pepe Munoz, who reassures her and seduced. And especially to René-Charles, his 16 year old son, already so mature. Has not she expressed the wish that it becomes his manager? Disturbing.

It operates a marketing revolution

Celine has not changed only wardrobe. She also thanked her manager Aldo Giampaolo, deciding to take control of his career. She now chooses all that concerned. The singer has hired Pink and Sia, two stars of the charts, to write her tubes that are in the air. Objective: renew its repertoire, contact the young audience, stay in the race. On your mind. It is often said that Celine was the thing René. But it proves a formidable businesswoman. "Often, after a death, we identify the missing person, it takes features of his character to wear in itself, says Samuel Lepastier. For example, we will continue the activities of death take over, to keep it alive. "And if the renewed vitality of Céline Dion was the best tribute she could do to Rene?

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