“Iris Grace, the girl who opened the world through a cat” Arabella Carter-Johnson (the city Presses) – Books: the top 10 of April

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    "Iris Grace, the girl who opened the world through a cat" Arabella Carter-Johnson (the city presses)

    It is not a picture of this book that does not disturb you to tears. We discover a little girl lost look, as if seeing too far, too deep, too she understood life. Sometimes, she is sitting on a strain. Others, she watches the rain fall or draw amazing paintings, worthy of the "Water Lilies", dressed in a blue cape. It is often accompanied by a cat. Over the pages told not reluctantly or false joy with the simplicity of a gardener who you talk to an outbreak of pink, Arabella Carter-Johnson gives us a story: that of a girl named Iris Grace, autistic child cut of a world too tinged with anguish and noises, which opens other at no kittens. In the footsteps of Thula, adorable little creature with pointed ears, Iris includes hugs, accept the emotions, takes the hand of his relatives to take them in his garden. Where, with her cat, she looks live birds, rustling the leaves of the trees. "Where things says his mother Arabella, changing, but slowly, quietly. "Iris is not a strange child, it is a magic trick.

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