Viguier trial: the revelations of a former friend of “Suzy”

The first week of hearing the appeal trial of Jacques Viguier ended Friday night with a dramatic turn. Philippe Couturier, a former friend of "Susy" has reserved a big surprise to the court. City in the bar, this unexpected witness embarked on a statement that was the bombshell: "At the first trial, and after, something bothered me. I do not know what. A recent radio program refreshed my memory. When Olivier Durandet [lover Suzy] taught me the disappearance of Susy, he explained how it had happened. He said he had visited the house of Viguier Sunday and he had seen nothing special ... ".

The court hardly believe it

These revelations, if true, could just tip over. So far, Mr. Durandet stated that no news of his mistress, he had done around the house. But in any case, he said entering the home of Viguier. The version of Philippe Couturier could then open the track of a new suspect: Olivier Durandet. Yet the court hardly believe it. These new revelations do not appear anywhere, not even on wiretapping. The Richiardi president does not want to stop there. He intends to confront Philippe Couturier, facing the lover Suzy Olivier Durandet, the Commissioner and Jacques Viguier Saby, on 15 March.

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