Case Viguier: the troubling role of the lover of “Suzy”

The shadow Olivier Durandet, lover "Suzy" hovers over assizes Albi (Tarn). If he is to be heard as a witness that on March 15, is since Friday in the heart of the trial of Jacques Viguier, accused of murdering his wife Suzanne, missing since February 27, 2000. Several annoying phone records for lover "Suzy" were released Monday. According to these plays, Olivier advises Durandet relatives before they are questioned by police.

Last to see her alive

It discourages such a witness to say that Jacques Viguier was jogging on the morning of the disappearance of Susan. While the prosecution thinks it, it is then that the husband took away the body of his wife. In another listens, he does not want the press to know he was escorted Suzy night of her disappearance. It is the last to see her alive. Eric Dupont-Moretti, lawyer Jacques Viguier, nicknamed "the OPJ," the police officer and believes he has "prepared witnesses" before their hearing by the police.

A disturbing testimony

On Friday, a friend of Suzanne Viguier had delivered a disturbing testimony to the lover Suzi. He said Olivier Durandet had told him that he went into the house Viguier February 27 and not on Monday as affirmed lover in his testimony. Several witnesses also acknowledged seeing Olivier Durandet Monday in Albi, while he is not entitled in theory to make contact with other witnesses before the hearing.

Recall of facts

Ten years after the fact, many gray areas remain. No body, no evidence or confession, justice will try to unveil the mysteries of the case. Suzanne Viguier, called "Suzy" has vanished Sunday, February 27, 2000 in Toulouse. This dance teacher of 39 years and mother of three was divorcing. The day before his disappearance, she participated in a tournament in Montauban tarot with her lover Olivier Durandet. Escorted to the marital home at dawn, Suzy will not give any sign of life. bloodstains were found in the home posing serious suspicions about her husband, as the disappearance of the mattress on which she slept. Jacques Viguier has always maintained his innocence. C. H.


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