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Lotus position
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Lotus position

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In theory

While your lover is sitting cross-legged, you sit in front of him and place your legs slightly bent on either side of his torso, feet on the ground. To facilitate movement, you can move your hands under his arms and put them on his back, while he will lift your hips with his (hands) (no hips).

In practice

It's so comfortable for a position of the Kama Sutra that one wonders where is the scam and if it is not a hidden camera. Then you look left, right, up, and as there is nothing we finally look into his eyes, and he seemed to find it nice too. Then we let go, we discover new sensations rather, procured by a relatively unknown angle of penetration. One can vary the pace and intensity of movements, and we end up like so many lotus position that is even considering to take up yoga or finally to eat organic.

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