Pansexuality: what pansexuality?

This is however not new. But it took the pop star Miley Cyrus says in an interview with British IT in 2015 she was pansexual to arouse curiosity. What pansexuality? Here are four things to know about pansexuality.

1- They love everyone

The pansexual people have a sexuality without borders. They are attracted emotionally and / or sexually abused by other individuals, regardless of anatomical sex or gender of others. Thus, they may as well fall in love with a woman, a man, or a transsexual. Pansexuality makes no distinction between the sexes, as indicated by the prefix "pan" which in Greek means "all." "The fact of using a plurality of terms to understand the thousand shades of sexuality is a good thing," said Flora Bolter, co-chair of the Center LGBT Paris Ile-de-France.

2- They want to be free codes

For some, be defined as pansexual is a way of asserting their difference. "I immediately needed to put a name to what I was. Since I was not straight, but not gay either, I had to be something, "said a user on his blog. However, some may see yet another "social etiquette". Flora Bolter, "the question of "labels" is a false problem: how each person lives his sexual orientation and gender identity falls within the intimate and the words each or each uses to describe must be observed. "

3- They have an international day

It is held every 23 September. Coupled with the Celebrate Bisexuality Day, this event allows pansexual share experiences and enjoy common activities.

4- They are represented in the culture

Besides singer Miley Cyrus, who says in the British ELLE, about his sexuality: "I am very open about it, I'm pansexual" other people like Christine and The Queens singer claiming their pansexuality . Similarly, in the English series "Skins," the actress Dakota Blue Richards plays the role of Franky, a pansexual.

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