What cut for round face? Our tips for finding the perfect hairstyle for a round face.

You want to change the head and are looking for the perfect hairstyle for your round face? Without necessarily cut any, here are our tips for finding the perfect hairstyle for round face.

How to recognize a round face?

A round face is about as wide as long, the face is not structured by angular and often features are rounded cheekbones. To align, we must lengthen added a long or mid-length cut, preferably degraded, which will bring some verticality.

Tutorial: the right hairstyle for a round face

The volume, round face haircut to adopt

A round face supports all hair lengths provided that there is volume. A wand smoothed will accentuate the roundness of the face. If one wants to have short hair, you will opt for a blurry square. "Building on a cutting disheveled, wild rock'n'roll and volume will help to draw the eye to the hair rather than round facial features," says the hairdresser Lucia Iraci. To those who wish to cut above the jaws, it is advisable to keep long hair on top of the head by opting for such an asymmetric lock falling on his forehead.

Hairstyles avoid when you have a round face?

A short or medium-length square, ultra smooth. Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Léa Seydoux have understood. These three celebrities chubby face each have found a way to alleviate their rounded features. Emma Stone and Léa Seydoux opted for blurring square option, hair bang on trend, while Selena Gomez and Mila Kunis have focused on ultra long wavy hair.
And you, what side are you going to put you?

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