Nolwenn Leroy couple with Arnaud Clément: “I am lucky it is very present”

Nolwenn Leroy back on center stage with the release of his new album "Gem". In the columns of "Parisian" this week, the singer comes on his new role as a young mother. Indeed, Nolwenn Leroy and his partner Arnaud Clément welcomed their first child, Sailor, last July. Now the star has to ensure the promotion of his sixth album while being present for his son. "It is not easy to combine the promotion days and the baby, especially as I breastfeed," says Nolwenn Leroy, before continuing: "Like all other working moms my days are full. I do not have a Areopagus nannies with me, I am surrounded by close family and obviously the dad. "

The young mother can count on the unconditional support of her lover, Arnaud Clément. The recently retired tennis courts is very present in the life of his son: "I am lucky it is recently retired and so very far. So all is well, "said Nolwenn Leroy very serene.

I never pactiserai with the devil

Very discreet about his private life, Nolwenn Leroy is determined to protect her son from prying eyes and his companion for nearly ten years fully share his wish. "I never pactiserai with the devil. And Arnaud is on the same line, it is not Breton but it is a taciturn and discreet like me, "announces firmly the star.

A few months before the birth of her son, Nolwenn Leroy had already revealed the "Parisian" if she was delighted to become a mother she had so far put her career on hold. "What is certain is that I want to leave early tour 2018. I want to thank Beyoncé, Marion Cotillard and Léa Salamé to prove to everyone that we can be a mother without stopping to work . I am an artist and full-time mom "had said the star.

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