Emily Ratajkowski naked on Instagram, referred to criticism of her figure

Really, Emily Ratajkowski spilled much ink now. His latest buzz dated, naked pictures of her posted on Instagram. This weekend, the actress known for her appearance in the video for "Blurred Lines", Robin Thicke, unveiled pictures of her naked, taken by renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier, for the "Love" magazine. Nice pictures in black and white, where Emily Ratajkowski appears short hair. But soon, his followers went on a rampage in the comments. In case the body of the actress, considered too skinny on clichés. "Too skinny ... That's why I hate modeling," it said in the comments, or "Pictures like that incite to be as skinny, girls doubt themselves when it is not healthy. "But other followers are defending Emily Ratajkowski. "Stop criticizing people for their body, it does not help anyone. "" Are you dietitian? No ? So do not tell her how she should live or if it is healthy or not. "Despite the criticism, photos of Emily Ratajkowski harvested between them over 600 000 words" I love. "


By @patrickdemarchelier for @thelovemagazine

A publication shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) July 21, 2017 at 12:08 PDT

There are some days, Emily Ratajkowski evoked his body and nudity in the columns of the magazine "Allure". She claimed that people were offended by her breasts. "When you see the breasts, is not thought to beauty and femininity. One thinks of vulgarity, to images too sexualized. "Shortly before, she confided in" Harper's Bazaar "have trouble finding film roles because of his chest. "They said, 'Oh, she's too sexy." This is an anti-woman measure, that people refuse to work with me because my breasts are too big. "

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