Full Waxing bikini: everything about the full hair removal bikini

Nearly a girl under 25 is two completely depilated! Faced with this surprising figure revealed by a recent survey by Ifop *, we wanted to review the full hair removal bikini answering the most common misconceptions on the subject.

"Girls, let your dressed sex. "It is in these terms flatly that US actress Cameron Diaz expressed his opposition to permanent hair removal pubic in its" The Body Book "book. Fur ? No hair? What about this?

Men prefer women fully shaved

False. The myth ends here. According to a study commissioned by the company Nad's hair removal products in April 2013, only 12% of men prefer full hair removal bikini. In reality the type of hair removal that seems to appeal more to the male remains the classic "triangle" 43% and "metro ticket" to 17%. Assuming that the survey was not conducted with a bridge club, well we are obliged to make us the obvious: men do not prefer the full waxing! A reality that seems not to be in harmony with the habits of women vis-à-vis the waxing. According to figures from a survey conducted by Ifop *, 14% of French pubis is fully pluck, especially among young girls. Nearly a girl on two under 25 years (45%) is completely shaved. If we broaden the target to those who pluck the lips (metro, Brazil ...), the proportion rises to 22% in French and 56% in less than 25 years. Behavior change that is due to the ubiquity of hairless equality in the world of X according to the study, and who, therefore, has mainly affects the generation that consumes the most porn: the age of 25.

This is more hygienic waxing

False. Actually hygiene does not depend on the amount of hair you have decided to leave on your pubes. According to the gynecologist Christian Jamin, waxing done "in standards" will be just as hygienic as a non shaved pussy but subject to strict hygiene.

A shaved pubic full is prettier


false. It all depends on personal taste but from Bouchra Frikech, beautician for 15 years, waxing who knows the most successful and mostly pleases both men and women, the Brazilian shirt. direct reference to the Rio carnival dancers, it is to remove the hair on the sides, lips and all the perianal area, leaving only a small triangle.

Pubic hair is there to protect

False. In any case the assertions of the gynecologist Christian Jamin according to the presence of hair on the pubis is only due to hormonal hypersensitivity. "Some say the pubic hair play a protective role, but in my opinion, there is no evidence and it remains a hypothesis. Pubic hair have no real role and are instead the result of a hormone-sensitivity of this area. "

Pubic hair is has-been

False. In your mind, the last time the pubic hair were honored was on M6 at midnight and it was ten years ago? Well no, forget this outdated picture came straight erotic films outdated and "open your eyes"! While very insolent American Apparel exhibited in these showcases mannequins to indescribable pubic hair, Kate Moss poses nude for the 60 years of the magazine "Playboy" and does not hide his pubic hair removal to the net but not full. In the fight against the beardless sexes also include Cameron Diaz expressed in his book "The Body Book", Gwyneth Paltrow admits that on the set of the talk show Ellen DeGeneres be adept pubic "the seventies" Lady Gaga and her hair on sex in a magazine "Candy" or all it girls Paris that sublimate the pages of "him", naked and proud of their pubic hair.

Sexual pleasure is stronger if it is fully shaved

True and false. According to psychologist and sex therapist Valérie Grumelin *: "When a woman is completely shaved, fun is definitely increased, and this is as much psychological as physical. The pubic hair free is subject to more contact and hypersensitivity of the area leaves room for more excitement. Psychologically, the woman is in a preliminary approach to home preparation, it's a kind of second naked update that inspires them to give more. "Of course, it goes without saying that this psychological share will vary from one woman to another ...

We can get tweezers as a teenager

Technically yes. "All women of all ages can get against tweezers without medical indications. The rest is a personal opinion, "says Dr. Jamin. However Bouchra Frikech beautician deplores the age sometimes too young for her clients. "I have some misgivings when girls of 16 or 17 years ask me to tweeze their entirety the jersey. Very often I ask the mom if she is there, to be sure that it was the start of deal. "

The laser works best on light skin and dark hair

True. The efficiency of the laser is greatest on light skin with dark hair. For more matt or black skin, treatment is possible, but with a different dosage to avoid damaging the skin pigmentation. As against the tanned skin, regardless of its type can not be subjected to laser hair removal. More hair is black / brown, the laser will be. For more hair blond / red laser's response is variable, a pre-test can be performed. Finally, the white hair is not "seen" by the laser hair removal is so inefficient!

Speaker, we must remove hair completely before delivery


False. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, shaving practiced by midwives is not imposed on the day of delivery. This practice can indeed take place for caesarean section, which justifies a shave above the pubic area or in case of episiotomy to facilitate suturing. So comfort is maximized and that you have no surprises as unpleasant pushes related to the use of the razor, we recommend you remove hair with wax a few days before the big day you are ready for any intervention and quiet for a little while.

Successive decrease waxing body hair

False. If the shaver is well known to gain ground in the hair, the hair removal can also give rise to new hair when not done properly. "If an esthetician removes the fluff, it is possible to regrow it gives birth to real hair. We must be content to pluck hairs and let down where it is, "teaches us Bouchra Frikech.

* Author of "Stories of orgasms in 26 intimate destinies and without taboos." Editions Balland.

* Survey The impact of pornography in relation to the body and sex life of the French, conducted among a nationally representative sample of 1021 people.

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