10 tips to repair dry hair

"I have dry hair. "That's a fact that often comes before the mirror in the bathroom. Touching rough, dull color and split ends? Do not panic ! If you have the awful feeling that it is inevitable and we will have to cut everything, be reassured. Here's to you some tips gathered from experts Phyto brand *, which will help you cure your dry hair and turn them into a successful health hair.

One area shampoos

Washing your hair too often leads to long-term weakening of the scalp and the scale and promotes drought over all of the hair. Ideally, hairdressers recommend to get one (or two) shampoo every three days in order to preserve the quality of the hair and prevent it from breaking. For those who combine inconvenience and also oily roots (it happens), a bit of a dry shampoo or a nice bun on the third day and voila!

Aggressive colorings avoided

You already know surely, "chemical" colorations repetitions can damage the more fragile or scalps most sensitive hair. If we all know that our hair only tolerate very little action of certain assets included in the colorations, one can not help thinking of the beautiful reflections they will bring. Yes, but at what price? In fact, if our hair already have dry nature, the fact of coloring frequently will accentuate this aspect. So we try the maximum to space applications. And if you have white hair to hide it alternates with the less aggressive natural colorings compositions.

Combine hair mask and day cream

To the question "can we apply a day cream for hair having already put a mask? ", The answer is yes ! If you have damaged hair, please make every effort to pamper. The mask, which is done once or twice a week, has the effect of hydrate and nourish the hair in depth while the day cream, used daily, serves to sublimate, moisturize the surface and discipline lengths.

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It puts oil

The oil on the hair, it works and it's not a legend. So if you have dry hair, we go, we put in and we even met. With new formulas developed, the hair looks quickly smoother, softer, less harsh, more beautiful, what! And all this without weighing. However, if our lengths are delighted to be brush with oil several times a week, the scalp can be refractory to the concept and the risk of ending up with roots worth three weeks of "no-poo". It is not the goal, you will agree. When you have oily scalp, it is therefore content to limit the application of the lengths by insisting on the tips.

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It moderates the use of straighteners

Information that is not a scoop, but that needs to be mentioned again (a little booster shot will never hurt): the abyss hair straightener. Yes, your smoothing to Jennifer Aniston at a price your hair and knows only too well. If your hair is dry, use the screed will aggravate their case, the high heat (>180) causing the deterioration of the shell. We then try to make day break during which we leave to our closet straightener in favor of a more flexible or curly movement. Needless to say it is strictly forbidden to use your plates on wet or dry hair (unless your straightener is designed for). Finally, do not hesitate to brush your mane thermo-acute care, which under the effect of heat, will release protective assets and give a shiny appearance to the hair.

a pre-shampoo is made

A what ? A pre-shampoo. As its name suggests, it must be performed before shampooing. The idea: to put a treatment on the entire hair for a shorter or longer period before taking a shower. If you do your shampoo in the morning, then we advise you to ask the care of your hair all night, if you do not have the night before you cover the care of a thick towel heated in microwave waves. Heat slightly opens the scales and allows the product to penetrate deeply. You can also choose to leave on oil before shampooing, why prefer dispersible oils like Ales which perfectly eliminates the contact of water.

well one chooses its products

This is part of the first rules to respect. The products you choose to apply on your hair play a crucial role in their welfare. You can follow exactly the steps recommended to treat dry hair, if the products are not of quality, your hair will remain damaged. To be sure not to go wrong, go automatically to the care formula has been specially designed for dry and contains no silicones and / or sulfates (in the first ingredients in the list at least). Silicones give the illusion that our hair is smoother and shinier but eventually suffocate the hair. Another very important point: choose his brush. Yes, we too often neglect this point by simply moving to the secondhand a helping negotiated brush three euros in a market holiday. Bad idea. The brush is a true ally for your hair and it must be chosen carefully.

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We cut spikes

For many reasons it is important, about once every three months, to make a little refreshment and it involves cutting the tips (or forks depending on the nature of your hair and your reluctance to go to the hairdresser) . This beauty reflex helps your hair look less damaged but also to enable their growth. So even if you are one of those once in their lives crossed paths with a crazy hair stylist (one for which equals 1cm 10cm), be strong and try the experience. Your hair will make you.

It protects itself by holiday

The sea salt, chlorine, sun, a lexicon that feels good vacation ... and dry hair. If in bikini, lying on the hot sand or on a deckchair in the sun we love the wavy style textured and bleached our hair in summer, in the fall immediately found the least nice result. The hair is rough, the color changed, the lengths are dehydrated and the magic of summer is behind us. To avoid ending up in this uncomfortable situation, we protect our hair during all the holidays with targeted care and do not forget to wash them thoroughly after bathing in salt or chlorinated water.

bids farewell to hairdryer

This is handy hair dryer, we agree with that, but we must recognize that this is not ideal for dry hair. The heat opens the scales, weakens the hair and usually gives (if there is no blow-dry) sparkling effect even more pronounced on dry hair. To do well, wash your hair at night and let them dry in the open air after being spun in a big towel (caution: do not rub the hair convulsively at the risk of weakening). If you have a long mane and feel of your wet hair on your back you is unbearable, you can braid them: wavy effect ensured. If it is inconceivable for you to abandon the routine hairdryer, make a habit of applying to the whole hair a thermoprotective care that will shield office.

The house recipes: yes or no?

Yes and no. In reality, homemade recipes are a good alternative for the budget. But according to the professional hair, some are alourdissantes for the hair and are not more effective than products that can be found in the trade. In other words, if you have an urge to brush your head with a mixture of eggs and olive oil, there's nothing stopping you. Just remember to provide an hourly consequently niche and a few bottles of shampoo to remove any trace homemade mask.

* Thanks to Cinnamon Gruette David, International Marketing Director Phyto Hair and Diane Madre specialist for dry hair with Phyto formulas for their valuable information.

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