Stéphane Plaza “couple”, “gay or gay”: “I have neither to deny nor confirm”

After eleven years of television career, Stéphane Plaza is mounted on the boards, strong of an ever growing popularity. In his private life, if the facilitator is very discreet (or sometimes, on the contrary, very raw), many have tried to find out more.

For eleven years, Stéphane Plaza looking for apartments to French desperate to find their dream nest, help others to finally sell their home, with a lot of home-staging, integrates other entertainment programming with his accomplice and Karine Lemarchand more recently also tries to comedy theater. Tonight, M6 broadcasts "The Fuse", a play by Stéphane Plaza and Arnaud Gidoin, another former small screen. then follow "The 7 lives of Stéphane Plaza," which returns to the course of this jack-of-all became famous' later on. "

"Some prefer to know if I'm in love in life, not life. "

If the now actor does not hesitate to confide in his friendships, his family or to release many amusing anecdotes about his daily life, it is however much secrecy regarding his private life. Recently, the magazine Télé 7 jours has thus questioned on this point, asking if he had rather "gay or gay." What Stéphane Plaza replied: "I am happy but not pacsé! Figure it wants. Those who do not understand may continue to say that I'm gay, or gay, but that does not bother me. I have neither to deny nor confirm. This is the domain of privacy. Adding then: some would prefer to know if I'm in love in life, not life, but I decided not to respond. When talking about his private life, it's all listed on, engraved in marble or distorted ... I prefer to disregard. "

Sensitive and without makeup, Stéphane Plaza is however more forthcoming regarding his family. Indeed, the facilitator had indeed not hesitate to confide in her mother's illness, he was very close, died of cancer a year ago to the day. Asked this morning Direct Grand Media, he said about it: "It's good that I do not stay sad tonight and the laughter and the warmth of the public warms his heart is up there because the link will not be cut. "Indeed, the room is usually released on Tuesday. "We will say that it was fate. It is a way to honor him, "he has added. We wish him a lot of laughter in the room and watching television.

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